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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order from Old Gringo Boots Directly?

    Old Gringo boots is a wholesale/manufacturing company, we do not sell directly to the consumers. We are a made to order company (12 week production time frame) therefore we do not stock all of our styles.Back To Top
  • Where can I find the nearest retailer in my area?

    Check out our Retail locator to find the store nearest you To Top
  • I am looking for a certain style – how do I find it?

    Please fill out our contact us form and one of our customer service representatives will be in contact with you shortly.Back To Top
  • What size Old Gringo boots should I buy?

    Old Gringo boots run true to size, we suggest buying the same size as your shoe size. If you are in between sizes, go with the smaller size. The leather will stretch with wear.

    Old Gringo boots are known for having a short break in period. After wearing them a few times your boots will form to your feet like you have had them for years. Don't forget with cowboy boots your heel is supposed to slip up about an inch when you walk in your boots.

    On a side note...

    Ladies... Old Gringo boots shafts are narrow, please measure the widest point of your calves and keep in mind when ordering boots with a 12'' or above shaft. The measurement for the central size which is a size 7 is 13 ½ "around and goes up 3/8" of an inch per ½ size. For example a size 8 measures 13 7/8" around.Back To Top
  • How do I get my damaged boots repaired?

    We also suggest that you make yourself familiar with the retailers return policy since each store's policy is different. If you have just recently purchased a pair of Old Gringo Boots and you have noticed a factory defect such as; torn seam, unraveling thread, a loose stud…..Please contact the retailer you made the initial purchase from. Please supply retailer with a photo of the damaged area. The retailer will then contact the old Gringo Offices and we will take the proper steps to repairing or replacing your new boots.

    If your dog made a snack out of your boot, or you caught the toe of your boot on a step, or you rubbed off a crystal or stud on the gas pedal this is considered wear and tear. We can certainly take a look at the damage and give suggestions on how to or if it is possible to repair the boots, however Old Gringo is not responsible for repairing the damaged boot caused by normal wear and tear.Back To Top
  • What retailers in Canada sell Old Gringo Boots?

    609 Younge Street
    Toronto,ON M4Y 1Z5

    Calgary Stampede
    1908 Stampede Trail SE
    Calgary, AB T2P2K8

    Kootenay Cobbler
    456 Ward St.
    Nelson BC V1L1S8

    Ginger Laurier of Canada
    812 49 Ave SW
    Calgary AB
    403 938-6146

    Lammle's Western Wear
    7212 Flint Place S.E.
    Calgary AB

    Irvine Tack
    Crossfield AB

    Blings & Things
    5113 50 St.
    Stony Plain AB

    Dena's Boutique
    D105-21059 88th Ave.
    Langley BC

    Neat Stuff
    221 Glendale Ave
    St. Catherines ON

    Aria Boutique
    1835 Searth St.
    Regina SK

    Herbert's Boots & Western Wear
    85 Victoria Street W.
    Alliston, Ont.

    Herbert's Trading Post
    2044 Commerce Park Drive
    Innisfil, Ont.
    705-431-2500 Back To Top
  • What online retailers sell Old Gringo Boots?
    Country Outfitters
    Pinto Ranch
    www.bootbarn.comBack To Top
  • Where Can I buy Old Gringo Boots in Europe?

    MERCEDEH - Monte-Carlo - Monaco ( )
    TIZIANA FAUSTI - Bergamo - Italy( )
    JADES - Dusseldorf - Germany( )
    L'INDE LE PALAIS - Bologne - Italy ( )

    Bongenie Grieder – City Centre
    Bahnhofstrasse 30
    8001 Zurich
    +41 44 224 36 36

    Bongenie Grieder – G.Point
    In Gassen 20
    8001 Zurich
    +41 44 224 37 96

    Bongenie Grieder - Dolder Grand
    Kurhausstrasse 65
    8032 Zurich
    +41 44 224 36 96

    Grieder les Boutiques – Airport Level 1
    Brunschwig Cie & SA
    Airside Lvl. 1
    8060 Zürich-Flughafen
    +41 44 224 35 31

    Grieder les Boutiques – Airport Level 2
    Brunschwig Cie & SA
    Airside Lvl. 2
    8060 Zürich-Flughafen
    +41 44 224 35 75

    Grieder les Boutiques – Airport Center
    Brunschwig Cie & SA
    8060 Zürich-Flughafen
    +41 44 224 35 81

    VMC Jeans & Sportswear AG
    Rindermarkt 8
    8001 Zürich
    +41 44 251 56 96



    14 oz. Store – Berlin Mitte
    Neue Schönhauser Str. 13
    10178 Berlin, Germany
    +49 0 30 280 40 514

    14 oz. Store – Cumberland
    Kurfürstendamm 194
    10707 Berlin, Germany
    +49 0 30 889 218 14


    Pool – Munich
    Maximilianstraße 11
    80539 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 266035


    Donna GmbH
    Georgstrasse 24
    30159 Hannover
    +49 511 1699 2880


    Sigrund Woehr
    Kirchstraße 12
    70173 Stuttgart
    +49 711 7269977

    Stand By Linder
    Kleppingstr. 12
    44135 Dortmund
    0231 5864141



    A Pair
    Ny Ostergade 3, Copenhagen
    45 33 91 99 20

    Magasin du Nord
    Kongens Nytorv 13
    1095 København K, Denmark
    +45 33 11 44 33



    Ibiza Code
    Calle de la Cruz, 21
    Ibiza, 07800
    Balearic Islands, Spain
    +34 971 310 305



    Mercedeh Shoes
    17, av des Spélugues
    CC Le Métropole
    98000 Monaco
    00 377 93 50 57 70



    Le Guardian
    9, Rue Victor Hugo
    13460 Les Stes Maries-de-la-Mer
    04 90 97 85 3


    Pop and Shoes
    6, rue Chavanne
    69001 Lyon
    04 78 61 10 07


    Rue Francois Sibilli
    83990 Saint-Tropez
    +33 0 4 94 97 27 83


    Jane de Bouy
    32 34 Boulevard de la Plage
    33970 Lège-Cap-Ferret
    +33 5 56 03 32 15



    Via Roma, 19/21r
    50123 Firenze
    +39 055 906 4116


    Tiziana Fausti
    Piazza Dante Alighieri, 1
    +39 035 224142



    Cosmic Cowboys
    Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 47
    1071 BN Amsterdam
    +31 20 673 8238

    Raak Leidsestraat 79
    1017 NX Amsterdam
    +31 20 421 1324



    Anouska Lilleakerveien 16
    Oslo, Norway
    +47 22 52 33 14

    Fekjan 80
    Nesbru, Norway
    +47 22 52 33 14



    Biblioteksgatan 12
    111 46 Stockholm
    +46 8 611 98 10 Back To Top
  • Boot Basics

    To keep your boots in good shape it is recommended that you clean, condition, and protect them.

    Regularly brush off any loose dirt and dust. Certain leather finishes allow for you to wipe down with a damp cloth but please always test a small area to make sure there will be no damage.

    If your boots get wet, let them dry naturally. Avoid drying them near heat or direct sunlight. (Direct sunlight will cause them to fade)

    Conditioning of the leather should occur when it is clean and dry. Too much oil or wax can attract dust and clog the pores causing dryness. *Old Gringo does not have a specific product to recommend to you, please ask your local leather/shoe repair person for recommendations. Let them know our boots are dyed using vegetable dyes. Always test on a small spot on the instep of the boot and wait 24 hours before using on the entire boot. *

    Do not store your boots in damp places and allow them to breathe wherever stored.

    Applying a water and stain protector is recommended. *Again, we do not have a specific product we recommend*

    Lastly boot care essential: A good shoe repair person. Become familiar with your local cobbler or search for one that is very dedicated to their trade. They can recommend boot products specifically for your boots and the look you want your boots to keep.

    Please note the proper care of boots may differ and be unique to the type of leather and finish a single boot may have. Here are some examples:

    Smooth Leather Boots:

    • Brush off dirt or dust from boot with a soft brush or damp cloth
    • Apply leather conditioner
    • Apply neutral or matching cream-based polish to your boots and buff with a soft cloth
    • Finish boot care program with a non-silicone water and stain protector

    Used finish leather Boots:

    • Treat new boots with a non-silicone water and stain protector (test a small area to see if product stains leather)
    • With a soft brush, brush off dirt or dust
    • Antiqued boots by Old Gringo are supposed to look "used" and cannot receive the same cleaning and polishing treatment normal boots do. The process taken to age the boots purposely removes some of the finish of the leather on these boots.

    Exotic Boots:

    Alligator, Caiman, Python
    • Brush off dirt or dust with a damp cloth or soft brush.
    • Apply an exotic leather conditioner to your boots in several thin layers.
    • Apply a neutral or matching cream-based polish, buff with a soft cloth.
    • Apply water and stain protector.

    Buffed/Sueded Leather Boots:

    • Treat new boots with a non-silicone water and stain protector.
    • Carefully brush your cowboy boots to clean.
    • Apply a water and stain protector.
    • Be sure to store suede boots so that they can breathe. Keep them away from light, which can fade the color, and damp areas.
    • If your suede boots get wet, soak up excess moisture with a clean towel. Then allow the suede to dry naturally. Do not use a heat source to speed up the process. After the boots dry, restore the nap (the raised fibers typical of suede) with a suede brush.

    Leopardito Print:

    There's a reason this style is so comfortable and has been a top seller for years – it is made of high-quality goatskin, and as such will conform to your foot and fit you like a glove.

    For this same reason, you should take care NOT to run your toes into or under anything harder than your pillow!

    Also, this style is meant to look like an animal found in the wild: there are not spots all over the boot, just like there are not spots all over a leopard! The pattern is screen printed using a very sophisticated method, and it is inherent with the style that some of the print will rub off if repeatedly in contact with denim jeans or other heavy material. Back To Top
  • International Sizing Chart

    INTERNATIONAL SIZING CHART( View The International Sizing Charts ) Back To Top