Hand tooled

Every year without fail, spring brings an influx of floral prints from footwear, to apparel to accessories - because what else says "spring" more than flowers? They are a springtime given. Cheecky and feminine, bright and eye-catching, it's no wonder this timeless classic is a must this time of year. They come out for weddings, they come out for the races, they are the go-to print and signifier that the season has finally changed.

Our twist on the floral frenzy? Intricate, hand tooled and laser etched designs that come to life, unique and distinct styles that exemplify our craftsmanship, and complex details that illustrate the quality and excellence of Old Gringo boots. Did you know it can take up to 3 days to cultivate just one pair of these wearable works of art?

Walk your own path in the Abelina L2408, the Sonia L1602-5, or the LS Cassidy L1990 (more colors available).