Old Gringo has always been about creating the perfect pair of boots, catering to a variety of tastes, from vintage to contemporary and everything in between.

The New Season Release- Spring/Summer 2017 is all about embracing the range of styles that are colorful, fun and on the edge. We know that there can never be too many boots- What's that anyways! So with the new release, we are bringing the best of the west with a touch that's feminine, contemporary and chic. 

As the release unfolds, we are certain that you will find a style that's just meant to be yours because we understand it's not just the boots, but it's the statement it makes and its how it makes you feel when you wear them. It's all about making you smile when you see something that fits you the way you want to and resonates with your personal style. We strongly believe in that and keep that in mind as we design every unique piece. 

Stay Tuned! It's unfolding!